Binders University
Purpose: To offer certified training videos through Adobe Presenter for Orientation and Training purposes only. These are not CEU’s.

Pursuant to Title 22, all personnel shall be given on-the-job training or shall have related experience which provides knowledge of and skill in the following areas, as appropriate to the job assigned and as evidenced by safe and effective job performance.

(1) Principles of nutrition, food preparation and storage and menu planning.

(2) Housekeeping and sanitation principles.

(3) Provision of client care and supervision, including communication.

(4) Assistance with prescribed medications which are self-administered.

(5) Recognition of early signs of illness and the need for professional assistance.

(6) Availability of community services and resources.

(7) For adult CCFs, Universal Precautions as defined in Section 80001(u)(1).

(A) Training in Universal Precautions may be provided in the facility or staff may attend training provided by a local health facility, county health department, or other local training resources.

Many care providers do not have a planned curriculum to meet this need. Now you do!!! Our library of orientation Titles is constantly evolving as we see needs in the community, with self determination and concerns voiced by Community Care Licensing, the Department of Developmental Services and your suggestions. . 

Current Titles Include
Facility Program Design Review
Review of all Client/Consumers IPP’s
Consumer Rights
Grievance Procedure
Administration of Medication /Documentation
Emergency Procedure/Fire/Earthquake
Reporting/Documentation SIR’s
Reporting Documenting Abuse