Title 17 as it pertains to the Department of  Developmental Services and its 21 Regional Centers, is a set of California Code of Regulations. It is the standard that governs the care, supervision, services and fiscal responsibility for those with Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities. 

§ 54000. Developmental Disability

(a) “Developmental Disability” means a disability that is attributable to mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, or disabling conditions found to be closely related to mental retardation or to require treatment similar to that required for individuals with mental retardation.

(b) The Developmental Disability shall:

          (1) Originate before age eighteen;

          (2) Be likely to continue indefinitely;

          (3) Constitute a substantial disability for the individual as defined in the article.

(c) Developmental Disability shall not include handicapping conditions that are:

          (1) Solely psychiatric disorders where there is impaired intellectual or social     functioning which originated as a result of the psychiatric disorder or treatment given for such a disorder. Such psychiatric disorders include psycho-social deprivation and/or psychosis, severe neurosis or personality disorders even where social and intellectual functioning have become seriously impaired as an integral manifestation of the disorder.

          (2) Solely learning disabilities. A learning disability is a condition which manifests as a significant discrepancy between estimated cognitive potential and actual level of educational performance and which is not a result of generalized mental retardation, educational or psycho-social deprivation, psychiatric disorder, or sensory loss.

          (3) Solely physical in nature. These conditions include congenital anomalies or conditions acquired through disease, accident, or faulty development which are not associated with a neurological impairment that results in a need for treatment similar to that required for mental retardation.

Note: Authority cited: Section 4512, Welfare and Institutions Code. Reference: Sections 4500 et seq., Welfare and Institutions Code.

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